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Soil Association Organic Food Awards

It's Gold again - six times over. Three of our soups, homity pie, treacle tart and Seville orange marmalade all won Gold in the 2013 Soil Association Organic Food Awards. The Vegetable Harira Soup also won the Prepared Food category.

Our soups are as quintessentially Riverford as you can get - tasty, wholesome, unadulterated, filling and great value - as homemade as you can get without making them yourself. They really are a meal for two for just £3.49.

Our Homity Pie has won Gold for the second year running and the Seville Marmalade just gets better and better so congratulations to our hard working team in the Riverford Kitchen.

Riverford Organic Vegetables also won gold for their min cucumbers, carrots and artichokes. Only three! Close but no cigar.

Great taste awards 2013 - it's like the London Olympics all over again!

Congratulations to all our suppliers who have won Gold at the 2013 Great Taste Awards. They are the Oscars of the British food industry with a mere 125 three gold star winners out of 10,000 entries. Several really shone, particularly Ashridge, whose Devon Blush Cider got 3 stars and a coveted place in the best 50 products in the UK list, and Brindisa with their own label, hand carved Iberico ham, salchichon and chorizo. Brindisa's own label Gazpacho also got the gold star rating as did Quinola for all their quinoa products. Local brewers Bays also won gold for not one, nor two, but all three of their bottled ales.

Looking through the list, I couldn't help feeling that Riverford really must be a pretty good shop, stocking all this wonderful food. I only got through the 3 and 2 star categories and the beginning of the 1 star winners and the list of suppliers included Ashridge, Brindisa, Bramley and Gage (sloe gin), Hillside Foods (crackers), Lynher Dairy (Cornish Yarg), Luscombe drinks, Tracklements, Sandford Orchards, Bays Brewery, Portlebay Popcorn, Quinola, Artisan Malt Vinegar, Tyrell's etc. I'm sure I missed loads so apologies to those not mentioned.

Riverford Apple Juice

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Down on the farm

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Contrary to Jay Rayner's beliefs - local food isn't a myth, and it lives on

That Jay Rayner, he likes an argument. He must have known he would be stirring up a hornets nest when he wrote in the Observer that the local food thing was a charade (my word, not his). Click to read the rest of this article...

...and thirty years old in 2013.

Our New Year's resolution is more of the same, maybe even another thirty years of selling quality, unadulterated local food to quality, unadulterated local people.

Obviously things have changed over the years, and will continue to do so, but Riverford Farm Shops will continue as before.

  • Up to date but not exactly cutting edge - you won't get dirty burgers, kimchi fermented cabbage or burnt tips at the farm shop but we try to keep up with the times.
  • Diets and food fads are fine but core for us is the belief that the best way to stay healthy is to eat a varied, balanced diet.
  • Selling good food from good farming - not anonymous factories and research laboratories.
  • Above all we we'd like you to think we are a nice business to know and enjoy visiting one of the three shops.

So there you have it; three shops, a kitchen and a butchery, closely linked to sister businesses Riverford Organic Vegetables and Riverford Dairy. Sadly we don't make cheese or cider - but that could always change.

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A business with ethos - The Watson family has farmed the 350 hectare Riverford Farm for nearly 50 years, more than twenty of which have been spent working to bring back the taste and quality of traditional foods through Riverfood Farm Shop with its butchery, bakery and kitchens; the organic vegetable box business and the organic dairy.


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