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Ben Watson

Riverford Farm Shop – Staverton, Totnes & Yealmpton

Excuse the mugshot of me but apart from our ethos and our pork and herb sausages, I’ve been the one constant factor over the last thirty one years. I’d like to think I’m a little more photogenic than a banger, however good it might be. From humble beginnings in an old piggery, the Riverford Farm Shop Staverton has moved all of ten yards but grown from farm shop to emporium selling food with provenance whether it be home produced, local, organic or just plain good. Our Riverford Farm Shop at Yealmpton is the same with a thriving cafe and more of a seafood offering.

There’s also a cafe at Staverton, recently opened and still finding it’s feet. Thirty years is a long time in the food business but I’m glad to say that it’s been so satisfying that I still get a real buzz out of it. By cutting out many peripheral costs seen as indispensable by bigger businesses, we’ve helped show that small scale local food production can work without costing the earth. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Ben Watson


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"There is nowhere else quite like Riverford Farm Shop. I've been shopping here, mostly at Staverton but also at Totnes, for probably 15 years or so. Unlike other so-called farm shops this is the real deal - good, honest food, the best fresh produce and interesting own-brand range. A farm shop with its heart in the right place. "

− Mrs Brown