Riverford started off selling English charcuterie made from the farms pigs so,
not surprisingly the butchery is still at the heart of the shops.

Diets have changed and ‘meat and two veg’ has become ‘ten veg and a bit of meat’ but meat still has an important part to play, both in the kitchen and as part of mixed farming systems. We keep up with the times, both in butchery techniques and cuts, cooking suggestions and how we source our meat.
All our meat is sourced locally, GM and additive free and free range, from a small group of farmers we trust and have dealt with for years. They all farm within an hours’ drive of the abattoir. Beef, lamb, mutton, rose veal and venison are organic and grass fed. – so it’s good for you (higher omega 3 fatty acids) and good for the environment (less imported grain and soya and a lower carbon footprint). It’s good for local farmers too. We offer both organic and additive free free-range chickens and pork.
Traditional butchers. Home delivery/mail order shopping might be all the rage and supermarkets have tried everything under the sun but, for service and quality, there is something special about a traditional butchers counter.
Our butchers keep well stocked meat counters at the Staverton and Yealmpton stores while Totnes keeps a fridge full of pre-packed meat from the butchery. If there’s anything you’d especially like, like a boned and butterflied leg of lamb, then a helpful butcher will be willing and able to prepare it for you. You’ll not only find fabulous cuts of properly hung and aged organic beef and yellow skinned organic chickens but also game in season and hams and gammons cured and smoked to perfection.gammon
We don’t stop at traditional meat cuts.There are also our own meatballs, sausages, black pudding, burgers, kebabs, bacon and gammon. Everything is made from scratch rather than coming out of a packet. At Christmas there are stuffed turkey legs and breast, cured loin of pork, sausage meat and a range of our own stuffings, all prepared by us to save you the hard work – and you know that it will all be made from fresh with the best.
Riverford bacon. Our free range bacon is cured in draining trays, turned and rubbed with salt every other day and spends a fortnight curing and a week hanging. Riverford smoked bacon is properly smoked for at least twelve hours over oak shavings. I don’t know whether it is the interaction with the air or the time but I think it has depth of flavour and cooking qualities way above the commonly available ‘cure in the bag’, supposedly dry cured, version. Or maybe it is the fact that we leave it on the bone throughout curing and hanging until just before slicing. It really does taste of bacon.
meatbox2Riverford sausages. Of which we are rightly proud, are made by us with the best ingredients to produce bangers of distinction. Meat, rusk, water, fresh herbs and natural spices are main ingredients in our sausages. We have a wide selection to suit most tastes from the simple pork sausage to a fiery Thai sausage. We even mix our own seasonings and there aren’t many butchers who can say that. We also make several gluten free sausages, including our own cooking chorizo, and a particularly good black pudding.
Riverford meatballs. Meatballs are a great standby for a simple supper – either added to a soup or tagine/casserole or with pita bread and dips. We make several types including Italian Polpette (with Parmesan and parsley) and a lamb Kofta. You can find them packed and frozen in the shops.